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Published on September 29, 2006 By VANESSA_TARA In Misc
Do you put music in an important part if your life? I do. I cant't life wilthout music one day. I like music very much....I got something to do that's all
on Sep 29, 2006
Yes,Music IS an important part of my life. It's actually a hobby, not my real line of work, but I do get a knack out of creating a melody, developing the right lyrics for it , having it musically arranged and re-arranged until I that tune comes out exactly as I heard it in my head. When I need to focus on a research or study, I need to have music in the background.
So, what type of music do you go for ?
on Sep 29, 2006
Personally, my belief is that music is the language of the Divine and when it really affects you, then you are really hearing the voice of God.
on Sep 29, 2006
Absolutely, I love music and can't imagine a life without it. There are times when I feel like no one could possibly understand how I'm feeling and I hear a certain song lyric and realize that someone else completely gets it. And reading a lyric or a poem isn't the same. It has to have the music with it.
on Sep 29, 2006
I can't imagine a life without music. It's such a natural part of my life and I can imagine others! Nice description Mr. Moskowitz!
on Sep 29, 2006
I love music - but not every day - I go through patches where I have music 24/7 and then will have musicless times for weeks.

There is something so good about music though.
on Sep 29, 2006
To tell you where I put music in my life... if I were to have to choose between losing my sight or my hearing... in the immortal words of Alice Cooper..

"Take away... take away my eyes, sometimes I'd rather be blind!"
on Oct 02, 2006
I go different type of music ex. classcial music, hip hop,rap, rock r&b...lot more
Truely, I put music in a very important part of my life ,and I can't life without it one day .
Well thank you ,you guys come and give me some comments .